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Email Adress
Address (City/Town, State, Zip code)
Phone Number
Please tell me about yourself, your family and ages of any children in the home or that may come/go.
What is your house/yard/fencing like? Pictures may be requested in the future.
Do You Own or Rent?
If you rent, do you have permission from the landlord? Please include the landlords contact info.
Have you ever had a dog before? If so, what happened to it?
What do you know about Beagles & why have you determined that a Beagle is right for you?
Who will be responsible for the care of the Beagle?
Where will the Beagle spend its days & sleep at night? How many hrs will the Beagle spend alone?
What are your plans for exercise and training?
What other pets are in the house? Please tell me their species, breed, age, and sex.
Does everyone in the family want a Beagle? committed to a dog whose lifespan is 12-15 yrs or longer
If the answer is "No" to one or both of the above questions please elaborate.
Do you prefer a Male or Female, or have no preference?
Are you looking for a show/performance or companion Beagle?
Are you near a body of water (pool, fish pond etc..)? If so what safety precautions have been taken
Our Beagles are accustomed to a crate. Will you be continuing to use crating at home? If no, why not